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ITinTriangleFilter Interface
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ITinTriangleFilter Interface

Provides access to members that control TIN triangle filters.


Name Description
Read/write property ActiveBound The active boundaries of the filter.
Method CanPass Indicates if the specified element meets the filter criteria.
Read/write property ClassBreakCodes The filter's numeric values used to represent each class.
Read/write property ClassBreaks The classification categories of the filter.
Read/write property DataElementsOnly Indicates whether the returned elements should be inside the data area.
Read/write property LowerBound The lower bound of the filter.
Read/write property PropertyType The property that the filter classifies on.
Read/write property UniqueValue The unique value of the filter.
Read/write property UpperBound The upper bound of the filter.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
ITinFilter Provides access to members that control TIN filtering options.

Classes that implement ITinTriangleFilter

Classes Description
TinTriangleFilter The Esri TinTriangleFilter component.