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ITopologyNode Interface
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ITopologyNode Interface

Provides access to information on a topological node within a topology graph.


Name Description
Read-only property Degree The number of edges entering and leaving this node. Closed edges are counted twice.
Read-only property Edges The set of topological edges incident on this node.
Read-only property Geometry The geometry of the topology element.
Read-only property IsDegreeKnown Indicates if the degree of this node is known. Nodes constructed from edges that are partially outside the build extent have unknown degrees.
Read-only property IsDeleted Indicates if this element has been deleted from its containing topology graph.
Read-only property IsSelected Indicates if this element is part of its containing topology graph's selected set.
Read-only property Parents The set of parents (features) of this topology element.
Method QueryGeometry Copies the element's geometry into the specified geometry.
Read/write property Visited Indicates if the topology element has been visited.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
ITopologyElement Provides access to the functionality present in all topology elements. ITopologyEdge and ITopologyNode inherit from this interface.

Classes that implement ITopologyNode

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