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ITransform3D.Move3D Method
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ITransform3D.Move3D Method

Moves the object by dx, dy and dz along the x, y, and z axes respectively.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub Move3D ( _
    ByVal dx As Double, _
    ByVal dy As Double, _
    ByVal dz As Double _
public void Move3D (
    double dx,
    double dy,
    double dz

public static void TransformMultiPatchGeometry()


const double XOffset = 7.5;

const double YOffset = 7.5;

const double ZOffset = -10;

//Transform3D: Cylinder Repositioned Via Move3D()

IGeometry geometry = GetMultiPatchGeometry();

ITransform3D transform3D = geometry as ITransform3D;

transform3D.Move3D(XOffset, YOffset, ZOffset);


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