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IUID.Value Property
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IUID.Value Property

The value of the UID object.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Property Value As Object
public object Value {get; set;}


The Value property is a string representing either the CLSID or ProgID of an interface or coclass.

COM interfaces and coclasses are identified by a globally unique identifier (GUID). The GUID for an interface is called an interface ID (IID). The GUID for a coclass is called class ID (CLSID). A ProgID is a text alias for a CLSID; the ProgID is a string composed of the project name and the class name of the coclass.

ArcGIS for Desktop developers can find the CLSID, ProgID, and subtype of a built-in command, menu, or toolbar in ArcMap or ArcCatalog, in the following technical documents:

ArcGIS Developer Help for Desktop developers > General reference > Names and IDs > ArcMap commands

ArcGIS Developer Help for Desktop developers > Technical General reference > Names and IDs > ArcCatalog commands

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