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IUniqueValues2 Interface
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IUniqueValues2 Interface

Provides access to members that controls large unique values.


Name Description
Method Add Adds a value if necessary and returns its value ID.
Read-only property Count The total number of unique values.
Method Delete Deletes a value.
Method Empty Empties unique values.
Method GetHistogram The historgram of values.
Method GetLargeHistogram The historgram of values.
Read-only property LargeUniqueCount The unique value count at a given index.
Method Lookup Looks up unique index of a given value.
Read-only property Max The maximum of values.
Read-only property Min The minimum of values.
Read-only property UniqueCount The unique value count at a given index.
Read-only property UniqueValue The unique value at a given index.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IUniqueValues Provides access to members that controls unique values.

Classes that implement IUniqueValues2

Classes Description
UniqueValues A raster unique value class.