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IVersionEdit Interface
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IVersionEdit Interface

Provides access to members that return information about versions and posting of versions.


The IVersionEdit interface is used to reconcile a version with a target version. Once reconciled, the object provides the ability to work with representations of the version prior to start editing, the pre-reconcile version, the reconcile version, and the common ancestor version for conflict resolution.


Name Description
Method CanPost Returns a boolean if the version can be posted to the reconcile version.
Read-only property CommonAncestorVersion The common ancestor of this version and the reconcile version.
Read-only property ConflictClasses All objects which contain conflicts between the current and reconciled versions.
Read-only property ModifiedClasses All objects modified by the current and reconciled versions.
Method Post Posts the current version to the reconcilled version.
Read-only property PreReconcileVersion The version prior to reconciliation.
Method Reconcile Reconciles the current version with a target version.
Read-only property ReconcileVersion The version that the current version is reconciling against.
Read-only property StartEditingVersion The version prior to any edits.

Classes that implement IVersionEdit

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