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IWorkspaceExtensionControl Interface
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IWorkspaceExtensionControl Interface

Provides access to members that manage the life of a workspace extension.


Name Description
Method Init Initializes the extension, passing in a reference to its workspace helper.
Method Shutdown Informs the extension that its workspace helper (and workspace) are going away.

Classes that implement IWorkspaceExtensionControl

Classes Description
WorkspaceExtension Workspace Extension Object.


IWorkspaceExtensionControl is a mandatory interface that must be supported by all workspace extensions. This interface is used by the workspace to manage the lifetime of the workspace extension. The workspace cocreates the workspace extension and calls the Init method handing it back a reference to the workspace via the workspace helper argument. The workspace helper implements a weak reference on the workspace. The extension can keep a strong reference on the workspace helper (for example, in a member variable) but should not keep a strong reference on the workspace. Extensions should get the workspace from the workspace helper in order to make any method calls on the workspace and release the reference after making the method calls.

The Shutdown method informs the workspace extension that the workspace has been released by all clients and is about to go away. In response the workspace extension should release its reference on the workspace helper. Any subsequent calls by the application to the workspace extension should return an error.

The IWorkspaceExtensionControl interface does not need to be considered by developers working with network datasets.