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IXMLSerializer Interface
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IXMLSerializer Interface

Provides access to members that control the XML serialization and deserialization of objects.


The XMLSerializer interface allows you to serialize and deserialize objects. The Serializer will call an instance of the private SerializeData and QI the objects for IXMLSerialize  and call Serialize. Once the serialization is complete you ask the SerializeData to write the properties it holds using XMLWriter. The Deserialization is the opposite process and uses XMLReader.


Name Description
Method LoadFromString Loads an object from an XML string.
Method ReadObject Reads an object from XML.
Method ReadObjectByType Reads an object from XML given an XML type.
Method SaveToString Saves an object to an XML string.
Method WriteObject Writes an object as XML.

Classes that implement IXMLSerializer

Classes Description
XMLSerializer An XML serializer and deserializer of objects.


The IXmlSerializer interface provides five methods to use for object serialization and deserialization. The WriteObject method writes an object as XML while ReadObject method reads an object from XML. The LoadFromString method loads an object from an XML string, while SaveToString method saves an object as an XML string. The ReadObjectType method reads an object from XML given an XML type.