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esriLockMgrType Constants
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esriLockMgrType Constants

Esri lock manager types.

Constant Value Description
esriLockMgrNone 0 No lock.
esriLockMgrRead 1 Read-only lock.
esriLockMgrWrite 2 Write lock. Prevents anyone else from reading or writing to the dataset.
esriLockMgrEdit 3 Edit lock. Will block all edits of the data and prevents anyone from writing to the dataset, allows for read access.
esriLockMgrSchemaRead 4 Schema read lock. Creates a shared read lock. Prevents others from editing the schema of the data such as editing its attributes.
esriLockMgrSchemaWrite 5 Schema write lock. Creates an exclusive write lock. Prevents all reads, edits and writes of the data.