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esriSRParameterType Constants
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esriSRParameterType Constants

The available predefined parameters.

Constant Value Description
esriSRParameter_FalseEasting 100001 False Easting, X0.
esriSRParameter_FalseNorthing 100002 False Northing, Y0.
esriSRParameter_ScaleFactor 100003 Scale Factor, K0.
esriSRParameter_Azimuth 100004 Azimuth, Alpha.
esriSRParameter_CentralMeridian 100010 Central Meridian, Lambda 0.
esriSRParameter_LongitudeOfOrigin 100011 Longitude of Origin, Lambda 0.
esriSRParameter_LongitudeOfCenter 100012 Longitude of Center, Lambda c.
esriSRParameter_LongitudeOf1st 100013 Longitude of first point, Lambda 1.
esriSRParameter_LongitudeOf2nd 100014 Longitude of second point, Lambda 2.
esriSRParameter_CentralParallel 100020 Central Parallel, Phi 0.
esriSRParameter_LatitudeOfOrigin 100021 Latitude of Origin, Phi 0.
esriSRParameter_LatitudeOfCenter 100022 Latitude of Center, Phi c.
esriSRParameter_StandardParallel1 100025 Standard Parallel 1, Phi 1.
esriSRParameter_StandardParallel2 100026 Standard Parallel 2, Phi 2.
esriSRParameter_LatitudeOf1st 100023 Latitude of first point, Phi 1.
esriSRParameter_LatitudeOf2nd 100024 Latitude of second point, Phi 2.
esriSRParameter_XAxisTranslation 100040 Delta X.
esriSRParameter_YAxisTranslation 100041 Delta Y.
esriSRParameter_ZAxisTranslation 100042 Delta Z.
esriSRParameter_XAxisRotation 100043 Rotation around X.
esriSRParameter_YAxisRotation 100044 Rotation around Y.
esriSRParameter_ZAxisRotation 100045 Rotation around Z.
esriSRParameter_ScaleDifference 100046 Scale difference.
esriSRParameter_NameDataset 100047 Datum transformation grid name.
esriSRParameter_ZShift 100006 Vertical coordinate system z-shift parameter.
esriSRParameter_ZPositiveDirection 100007 Vertical coordinate system direction of positive coordinates (1 - up, -1 - down)


This enumeration contains entries for some of the predefined projection and transformation parameters. Please see esriSRParameter2Type, esriSRParameter3Type, and esriSRParameter4Type for other predefined projection and transformation parameters. A value corresponds to the factory code used in the Projection Engine library.