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messageSupportError Constants
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messageSupportError Constants

MessageSupport Error Codes.

Constant Value Description
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_BAD_REQUEST -2147220991 Bad syntax in request.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_UNAUTHORIZED -2147220990 Client tried to access password-protected page without proper authorization.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_FORBIDDEN -2147220989 Resource is not available, regardless of authorization.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_NOT_FOUND -2147220988 No resource could be found at that address.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED -2147220987 The request method (GET, POST, etc.) was not allowed for this particular resource.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_PROXY_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED -2147220986 Client tried to access password-protected proxy server without proper authorization.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_REQUEST_TIMEOUT -2147220985 The client took too long to send the request.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR -2147220984 Generic server error message.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_NOT_IMPLEMENTED -2147220983 Server doesn't support functionality to fulfill request.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_BAD_GATEWAY -2147220982 Proxy server got bad address from remote server.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE -2147220981 Server cannot respond due to maintenance or overloading.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_UNSUPPORTED_PROTOCOL -2147220980 The URL you passed in uses a protocol that is not supported.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_URL_MALFORMAT -2147220979 The URL was not properly formatted.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_COULDNT_RESOLVE_PROXY -2147220978 Couldn't resolve proxy. The given proxy host could not be resolved.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_COULDNT_RESOLVE_HOST -2147220977 Couldn't resolve host. The given remote host was not resolved.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_COULDNT_CONNECT -2147220976 Failed to connect to host or proxy.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_REQUEST_TOLARGE -2147220975 Request entity too large.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_NO_CONTENT -2147220974 Server has received the request but there is no content to be given for the request.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_SSL_CACERT -2147220973 Problem with the CA cert (invalid path / access rights)
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_SSL_CONNECT_ERROR -2147220972 A problem occurred somewhere in the SSL/TLS handshake.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_SSL_PEER_CERTIFICATE -2147220971 The remote server's SSL certificate was deemed not OK.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_INVALID_GET_FILE -2147220970 There was an error accessing the output file provided for an http GET operation.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_OPERATION_TIMEDOUT -2147220969 The operation on the server took too long. The client has timed out.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_MEM_ALLOC_FAILED -2147220968 Memory allocation failure.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_AUTH_TOKEN_FAILURE -2147220967 Token-based authentication failure.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_AUTH_TOKEN_REQUIRED -2147220966 Authentication token required.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_GET_TOKEN_FAILED -2147220965 Unable to acquire authentication token. Check with your GIS Server administrator to verify the token service is available and correctly configured.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_PROXY_GATEWAY_ERROR -2147220964 Proxy or Gateway Server did not allow the URL. Check with your LAN administrator that Proxy or Gateway server is configured to allow the URL.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_NOT_ACCEPTABLE -2147220963 The server is not capable of generating the response which has the content characteristics requested by the client (e.g. encoding).
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_NOTFEDERATEDWITHACTIVEPORTAL -2147220962 Connection to federated server attempted, but server is federated with a portal other than the active portal.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_CONNECTION_CANCELLED -2147220961 The connection was cancelled by the user.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_SLOW_DOWN -2147220960 Service Unavailable.
MESSAGESUPPORT_E_UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY -2147220959 The request was well-formed but was unable to be followed due to semantic errors.