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Publishing a schematic service

Once you finish authoring your map with the desired schematic layers in ArcMap, you can publish the map document as a map schematics service to a GIS server and share it with others. Publishing a map document as a map schematics service consists of publishing a map service with the schematics capability enabled.


The Schematics capability is available on servers where ArcGIS for Server Standard or Advanced edition is installed.

Follow the steps in Publishing a map service, keeping in mind the following:

  1. When choosing the capabilities for your map service, follow these steps:
    1. Click Schematics.

      Under Capabilities in the Service Editor window's TOC, the new Schematics item appears.

    2. If you want the schematics service to be used for saving schematic diagram layouts, generating new diagrams, or updating diagrams, click the Schematics item and check Editing as an allowed operation.

      If the schematic layers in your map reference data are stored in a file geodatabase and you enable the Editing operation, you will get an error message at the time you publish. Schematics services with the Editingoperation require that all the schematic layers in the published map reference a registered enterprise geodatabase but the data is not copied to the server when publishing.

      Do not check Editing in the following situations:

      • You want to use your schematics service only for querying, viewing diagrams, and applying schematic layout algorithms without saving the layout results.
      • The schematic layers in your map reference data are stored in a file geodatabase.
      • The schematic service will be published by copying data to the server.

  2. On the final panel of the wizard that summarizes what services will be created, note the URL of the schematics data service.

Your schematics service is now running on ArcGIS Server; all the schematic diagrams referenced in the published map can be accessed by users and clients on the web.


To be able to generate new schematic diagrams based on a diagram template on the web, four conditions are required:

  • The published map must contain a schematic layer that references this schematic diagram template.
  • The schematic diagram template must be stored in an enterprise geodatabase.
  • This enterprise geodatabase must be accessible to and registered with the server to avoid an automatic copy of your schematics data to the server when publishing.
  • The Editing box must be checked when publishing the schematics service.