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What's new in ArcGIS Workflow Manager

Available with Workflow Manager license.

The 11.1 release of ArcGIS Workflow Manager includes the following enhancements and added functionality:

  • View Job History is a new tab in the Details panel that provides a record of actions performed during the course of a job. You can also export a copy of the job's history to a CSV file using the Job History window.
  • You can now optionally upgrade your workflow items using the Notification Center Notification Center added to the Workflow Manager web app.
  • Extended property Arcade Expressions contain a new, optional parameter that returns the description for a domain value.
  • An Automated state has been added to the Job Template Properties panel to organize automated job creation in the job template.
  • The jobForceStop privilege allows you to cancel a step being run by another user.
  • Step templates have been updated to support the following features:
    • Use the Run ArcGIS Pro Command in the Open Pro Project Items step to open and run ArcGIS Pro custom add-in commands.
    • Set Job Version is a new step that allows you to set an existing branch version as the job's current version.
    • The Send Web Request step now offers a federated token authorization option to call endpoints within your ArcGIS Enterprise environment.
    • The Editable check box has been added to the Update 1-M Job Properties and Update Job Properties steps to set values to read-only when the step is run.
  • The ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server Advanced role features new ways to manage work:

Functionality matrix

For an overview of the features available with your version of Workflow Manager, review the ArcGIS Workflow Manager 11.1 Functionality Matrix.

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