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Maximum cache size configuration file

Maximum cache size configuration file

The configuration file for setting the maximum cache size (com.esri.ges.manager.servicemanager.cfg) for cache-enabled spatial operations (ENTRY / EXIT) can be found in one of the following directory locations depending on your operating system.

  • Windows - <ArcGIS Server installation directory>\GeoEvent\etc\com.esri.ges.manager.servicemanager.cfg
  • Linux - <ArcGIS Server installation directory>/GeoEvent/etc/com.esri.ges.manager.servicemanager.cfg

In the file, you will find a single property (see below) where you can set the maximum size of the caches for ENTRY / EXIT spatial operations. If you know you will be attempting to identify ENTRY / EXIT state for more than the default 1,000 assets, you can increase this value. Increasing this value will increase the amount of RAM GeoEvent Server consumes during those operations.