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Log in to GeoEvent Manager

ArcGIS GeoEvent Manager is the application used to administer ArcGIS GeoEvent Server. Use GeoEvent Manager to monitor event record counts for ingest, processing, and broadcast, create and manage inputs, outputs, as well as design and publish GeoEvent Services. GeoEvent Manager is also the main application for reviewing and updating GeoEvent Definitions, importing geofences, as well as managing your GeoEvent Server configurations and data store connections.

To access GeoEvent Manager, it is recommended you specify a fully-qualified machine name. The URL for GeoEvent Manager is:

log in page.

Alternatively, you can open GeoEvent Manager from the operating system shortcut that is installed with GeoEvent Server.

When ArcGIS Server is not federated with a portal, log in using a primary site administrator or another ArcGIS Serveradministrative account.

When ArcGIS Server is federated with a portal, GeoEvent Server authentication is handled by Portal for ArcGIS. If this is the case, you will be directed to the log in page for Portal for ArcGIS where you will enter your portal administrative user credentials to log in to GeoEvent Manager.

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