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What are processors?

Processors are a configurable element of a GeoEvent Service that perform specific actions on event data as it is received such as identification or enrichment as event data is routed from inputs to outputs.

All processors, when created, must be assigned a name. The name is case-sensitive and will be used to uniquely identify the processor in a GeoEvent Service. The type of processor being created is specified using the Processor drop-down, as illustrated below.

Processor properties showing available processors

GeoEvent Server includes the following processors:

For details on working with processors in a GeoEvent Service, see Add processors to GeoEvent Services.

Additional processors not installed with GeoEvent Server can be found on the ArcGIS GeoEvent Server Gallery.

If the processors installed with GeoEvent Server or available on the on the ArcGIS GeoEvent Server Gallery do not meet your needs, develop your own processors using the GeoEvent Server SDK.