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Backup and restore your GeoEvent Server site configuration

Backing up a configuration of ArcGIS GeoEvent Server is a best practice for any organization. The backup configuration file includes all of your configured inputs, outputs, processors, filters, data store connections, and more. A separate configuration file can be created for global settings. As a best practice, you should establish a backup plan for your GeoEvent Server configuration, especially when upgrading to a new release.

By default, GeoEvent Server includes an Automatic Backups folder where configuration files are maintained. The default location of this folder depends on your operating system:

  • Windows — C:\ProgramData\Esri\GeoEvent
  • Linux — /home/<user>/.esri/GeoEvent/config.<hostname>

The location of the Automatic Backups folder can be edited in GeoEvent Manager by navigating to Site > GeoEvent > Data Stores.

The Automatic Backups folder location can be specified using a UNC path. A UNC path to another machine guarantees the configuration files are available elsewhere in the event that the machine running GeoEvent Server is unavailable. Ensure that the service account running GeoEvent Server has access to the UNC path location.

The Automatic Backups location is used in conjunction with the Automatic Backup Settings options on the Settings page in GeoEvent Manager (accessible by navigating to Site > Settings). By default, GeoEvent Server creates and stores ten of the latest configuration files for backup. A new backup is automatically created once a day at 00:00 unless specified otherwise in the Automatic Backup Settings.

The backup configuration file can be used to restore a GeoEvent Server site. For more information, see Import a configuration.

A separate configuration file containing the global settings can be exported from the Settings page in GeoEvent Manager (accessible by navigating to Site > Settings > Export).