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Existing Location Referencing Server users

Disponible avec la licence Location Referencing.

The Location Referencing setup package is designed to detect and upgrade an existing installation of Location Referencing Server.

Common software upgrade questions

When would I need to install ArcGIS Location Referencing Server?

You would need to install Location Referencing Server if you're using ArcMap to publish your services for use with Event Editor/LRS REST API. If you're using ArcGIS Pro to publish services, you do not need to install Location Referencing Server.

How do I enable the Location Referencing services available natively in ArcGIS Server?

The Location Referencing Server license feature must be added to your license manager.

What happens if I only installed one of the install features of Location Referencing?

The Location Referencing setup package will detect if you have installed ArcGIS Roads and Highways or ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing and will update the appropriate feature.

Does Event Editor work with both the Location Referencing services native to ArcGIS Server and the services added by Location Referencing Server?


Do I need to uninstall earlier versions of Location Referencing Server?

No. If you already have Location Referencing Server installed, the Location Referencing setup will automatically upgrade it.

Do I need to back up anything before installing Location Referencing Server?

No. All services and site configuration changes are preserved when upgrading.

If I upgrade ArcGIS Server, do I need to upgrade Location Referencing Server?

Yes. The version of Location Referencing Server must match the ArcGIS Server version.

Do I need to stop my GIS services and ArcGIS Server before installing Location Referencing?

No. The Location Referencing setup will restart ArcGIS Server.

If I have a multimachine server deployment, do I need to upgrade each machine?

All machines in the multimachine deployment must be on the same version.

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