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What's new in ArcGIS Data Reviewer Server

ArcMap runtime-based server object extension (SOE)

The 10.9 release of the ArcMap runtime-based Data Reviewer (SOE) includes minor enhancements to the software and the documentation; no major new functionality is included with this release.


For a complete list of enhancements and issues addressed, visit the product download page.

ArcGIS 2021 リリースの一部である ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.x は、ArcMap から公開されたサービスをサポートする最後のリリースの ArcGIS Enterprise です。 ArcGIS 2022 リリース以降、サービスを ArcMap (ArcMap の ArcPy ベースのサービスを含む) から ArcGIS Server サイトに公開することができなくなります。 Esri は、現時点で、顧客全員がすべての公開ワークフローを ArcGIS Pro に移行することを強くお勧めします。

To prepare for this change, Esri recommends that customers consider Data Reviewer capabilities enabled using ArcGIS Pro and integrated in the Validation service.

ArcGIS Pro runtime-based

The 10.9 release of the ArcGIS Pro-enabled Validation service includes new checks to automate validation of your data using Data Reviewer attribute rules. The following image and table describe the new methods available to automate validation of your data with Data Reviewer-enabled attribute rules:

New methods for automated validation



Finds attribute values that do not comply with coded value or range domains that are associated with an attribute field.


Duplicate Feature

Finds features of the same geometry type that are collocated and share attributes.



Finds features or rows that contain improper or null subtype values.


Table to Table Attribute

Finds features or rows that contain attribute values that meet a relationship you define to values in another feature class or stand-alone table.


Unnecessary Nodes

Finds polyline features that share a node and contain identical attribute values.


Unnecessary Polygon Boundaries

Finds polygon features that share a common boundary and contain identical attribute values.