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How to Browse for Resources

How to Browse for Resources

The Browse user interface may or may not be present in the geoportal. It is a customization that allows users to browse the catalog to view resources. The browse page is accessed on the Geoportal user interface by clicking the Browse tab. The Browse page lists a hierarchical structure of categories on the left hand side. By clicking on the headings and expanding the headings users can view the resources associated with those categories.

When a category that has resources associated with it is highlighted, the results are displayed in a window to the right of the tree. Just above the results is a total count of all results under the selected heading, the number of results displaying on the page and, if there are more than 10 results, additional pages that the user can click through.

The user also has the ability to filter the results within the selected heading. By entering text in the text box and clicking Filter the number of results within that selected heading will be narrowed down. To list the full number of results under the selected heading click Clear. For more information on how to use the listed results, see How to Use Search Page Results.


The categories listed on the browse page are customizable and could be changed. By default, the Browse displays Content Type and ISO Topic Category. To suggest changes to the categories you see on a Browse tab, you can contact the geoportal's administrator by providing feedback.

  1. How to Browse for Resources