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How to Login and Manage my Password

How to Login and Manage my Password

This section defines how to login, logout, change your password, and retrieve a forgotten password or username.

  • Login: To access the login page for the Geoportal, click Login from the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Logout: To logout, click Logout from the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Change Password: Password changes must be managed from the My Profile page. To change your password, enter in your old password in the old password field, and then the new password in the designated fields on the page.

    Your password must be at least 3 characters long with no spaces. Other password restrictions may apply if the Geoportal host organization's security requires them.

  • Forgot Password: By entering your username and email address, the Geoportal can provide a temporary password so you can login. The temporary password will overwrite your existing password, and will be emailed to your registered email address, which should match the one that you provide on this page. After you receive the temporary password, use it to login to the Geoportal and click the My Profile link at the top of the page. Your profile information will load, and below the fields for username and email, there will be a link that allows you to change your password. Click this link, and you will be able to change your password from the temporary one.
  • Forgot Username: If you do not remember your username, click the Forgot Username link, and the Geoportal feedback page will open. You can email the Geoportal administrator from the feedback page to request your username.

  1. How to Login and Manage my Password