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Use the INSPIRE Predefined Dataset Download Service

Use the INSPIRE Predefined Dataset Download Service

After creating the INSPIRE Predefined Dataset Download Service, the service can be accessed and used through multiple methods:

Use it through the REST page

  • By default a rest client is included for the ATOM services, the page is accessible at http://servername:6080/arcgis/rest/services/servicename/MapServer/exts/InspirePredefinedDatasetDownload
  • By clicking on the downloadServiceAtom, it will display a list of service atom files associated with the service, follow those links will display dataset atoms file, and continue clicking on those links will display the list of datasets, and further click will lead to the dataset
  • By clicking on the datasetAtom link, it will show a list of dataset atom files, continue to click on them will show a list of datasets, and click on each of the dataset will lead to the download url for the dataset
  • By clicking on openSearch, it will display the openSearch interface for the service. There are three ways in using the openSearch interface:
    • q parameter search - only the q parameter is required, and it will search the title elements and return the result.
    • Describe spatial dataset operation - spatial_dataset_identifier_code, spatial_dataset_identifier_name_space and language are required, results matching with the values in the service atom file will be returned, no q parameter is needed for describe spatial dataset operation.
    • Get spatial dataset - in addition to parameters in step 2 above, it also need the CRS (e.g. and format (e.g. application/x-filegdb), the result is the dataset download link, no q parameter is needed for describe spatial dataset operation.

Use it within Geoportal Server

  1. Login to geoportal server as administrator/publisher
  2. Register the service with geoportal (Administration tab > Add > Register resource on the network > ATOM > fill in the Host Url (e.g. http://servername:6080/arcgis/rest/directories/arcgisforinspire/SampleWorldCities_MapServer/serviceatoma1.xml) as well as other information
  3. Approve the record and synchronize content using Geoportal Server
  4. Conduct search from the geoportal search interface.

Use it through URL directly

It is possible to use the service directly through the OpenSearch endpoint:

  • q parameter search - searches the title elements in the service ATOMs file and returns the result. An example URL is http://servername:6080/arcgis/rest/services/servicename/MapServer/exts/InspirePredefinedDatasetDownload/openSearch?q=keyword
  • describe spatial dataset operation - searches through the service ATOM file and dataset ATOM file and returns the matching results. An example URL is http://servername/arcgis/rest/services/servicename/MapServer/exts/InspirePredefinedDatasetDownload/openSearch?spatial_dataset_identifier_code=codename&spatial_dataset_identifier_namespace=namespace&language=en
  • Get spatial dataset - searches through the service ATOM file and dataset ATOM file and return the dataset download link. An example URL is http://servername/arcgis/rest/services/servicename/MapServer/exts/InspirePredefinedDatasetDownload/openSearch?spatial_dataset_identifier_code=codename&spatial_dataset_identifier_namespace=namespace&

There are many other clients that support OpenSearch ATOM feeds. To use the ATOM service with those clients, usually you will register the service with the OpenSearch interface of those clients' browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE) and use it following the instruction available with those clients.