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User Functions and Roles

User Functions and Roles

Four different types of users (user roles) are accommodated by the Geoportal:


Anonymous user

Not required to login to the Geoportal to use some of its key functions. This group of users can access the public functions of the Geoportal, including: search, view results, and view resources.

Registered user

Has access to the same functions as the anonymous user. In addition, a registered user can save searches and manage their user profile. To become a registered user, click the Register link at the top of the Geoportal screen and fill out the profile information.


Can register, upload, and create resources using the Geoportal. Resources that a publisher publishes to the Geoportal must be approved by the Geoportal Administrator before they are discoverable through the Geoportal search interface. Publishers are responsible for keeping their own resources - and the data items and services referenced by them - current and accessible. A publisher will see the Administration tab in the Geoportal interface after logging in.


The gatekeeper of the Geoportal. Has access to the Administration tab on the Geoportal interface and through that tab is able to see all resources maintained in the Geoportal by all publishers. The Geoportal Administrator handles the following activities:

  1. User Functions and Roles