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Adding DGN or DWG data

The CAD files in DGN and DWG format are frequently used to store drawings of engineering projects. A single DGN or DWG file can encompass line, point, polygon, and annotation layers. You can add DGN or DWG data in Event Editor using the following steps.


  • You need a DGN or DWG file and a PRJ (projection) file with the same name to add the data to the map.
  • The DGN or DWG file remains in the map until the end of the browser session.

  1. Event Editor を開き、プロンプトが表示されたら Portal for ArcGISArcGIS Online にサイン インします。
  2. [マップ] タブをクリックします。
  3. In the Contents group, click the Add Data button データの追加.

    The DGN and DWG options appear.

  4. Choose an option for adding a file.
    • Click DGN to add a DGN file to the map.
    • Click DWG to add a DWG file to the map.
  5. [次へ] をクリックします。
  6. Browse to the folder containing DGN or DWG data and select one DGN or DWG file and one PRJ file with the same name.
  7. [開く] をクリックします。

The DGN or DWG data is added to the map.