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Viewing the Reviewer table

Location Referencing ライセンスで利用可能です。


The Review tab in the Event Editor only displays if your deployment has been configured to support ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server.

Learn more about integrating Data Reviewer for Server

Opening and closing the Reviewer table

  1. Open a web browser and browse to the Event Editor.
  2. Click the Review tab on the Event Editor toolbar.
    Data Reviewer group
  3. In the Data Reviewer group, click Reviewer Table Data Reviewer テーブルの表示.

    The Reviewer Table opens and loads all reported errors.


    You can also open this table in Event Editor by clicking Run Check in the Data Reviewer group on the Review tab. Once the check has been run against your data, the Reviewer table will open below and display the results of the check, as well as all previously reported errors.

    To hide the Reviewer Table, click the blue arrow at the top of the table. To close the Reviewer Table, click the Close button at the bottom of the Reviewer Table tab.

    Viewing the Reviewer table

Viewing the Reviewer table

The following Reviewer Table fields provide information on table records that include the feature class and subtype to which a feature record belongs.

Field NameDescription

Record Id

The Object ID of the error

Object Id

The Object ID of the record or feature the error is reported against


The severity of the record, which can be assigned when the check is configured

Check Title

A title that has been defined for the check

Session Id

The session used to review the data

Resource Name

The name of the layer, feature class, or table that the check is run against


The category number associated with the type of result returned

  • 0—Row Record
  • 1—Feature Record
  • 2—Topology Record
  • 4—Location Record


The feature class subtype or table used with the check

Check Name

The name of the check that has returned the error


Additional comments, which can be inherited from the check properties

Life Cycle Status

The status of the error

Review Status

The error description

Review Technician

The user name associated with the person who started the session

Review Date

The date and time the error was written to the Reviewer table

Correction Technician

The user name associated with the person who changed the correction status of the error record

Correction Date

The date and time the record was corrected

Verification Tech

The user name associated with the person who entered the verification status for the error record

Verification Date

The date and time the error was verified

Use the following Reviewer Table buttons to perform actions on records.


Clear Map Highlights


Highlight All


Zoom to Highlighted Errors


Zoom to Selected Errors


Correct Selected Errors

結果を CSV ファイルにエクスポート

Export Results to CSV File

テーブル プロパティ

Table Properties