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What's new in Esri Roads and Highways for Server

The 10.8.1 release of Esri Roads and Highways for Server includes minor enhancements to the software and the documentation.

New at 10.7.1

Add Point Event widget eyedropper tool

The eyedropper tool, previously available in the Add Line Events widget in Event Editor, is now available in the Add Point Event widget. This tool allows you to copy attributes from events on the map and populate attributes for new point events. This is especially helpful when adding multiple point events that will have the same attributes.

Event Editor supports additional extent formats

Event Editor now supports launching to a specific extent in using either a Well-Known ID (WKID) or Well-Known Text String (WKT). For more information, see Define the extent.

New at 10.7

Javascript API update for Roadway Reporter

The JavaScript API version used by Roadway Reporter has been updated to version 3.20. Updating to this version allows you to take advantage of vector basemap functionality that was added to the API in version 3.16. In addition, upgrading to version 3.20 allows you to now deploy the Roadway Reporter app on the same machine as your web adaptor.

  1. New at 10.7.1
  2. New at 10.7