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Road log report

A road log is a report that traverses a route and provides measure locations for events and intersections encountered along the route as those measures increase. These reports can be used by field crews to locate roadway assets by measure for construction, maintenance, and inspection purposes. The records of this report include event and intersection locations on the road such as (but not limited to) the following:

  • State boundary intersections
  • County boundary intersections
  • Road junctions
  • Railroad crossings
  • Bridge locations
  • Crash locations
  • Start and end locations of linear events such as speed limit, AADT, IRI, number of lanes, and surface type

The sample road log shown below is produced for Route ID SR 9 WB. The measures on the route increase from left to right. The information for the report comes from these events: Speed Limit, Road Signs, Road Intersections, and Bridges. The road log places the records on the route from left to right, as if a person moving in that direction notes the classification and measure value information of the chosen events as they are encountered.

Constituents of a road log report
Constituents of a road log report

Road Log

Route IDMeasureFeature



Starting Speed Limit: 40 mph



Regulatory Sign



Intersection of SR 9 WB and SR 28 SB



Bridge ID 2408



Ending Speed Limit: 40 mph



Starting Speed Limit: 65 mph

With the Roadway Reporter, you can configure road log reports, format the report, save the report configuration, edit the report configuration, and run the report to produce either a CSV or PDF output. The reports are generated for a snapshot in time.

To create such a report, you first select the routes spatially or by creating attribute filters, or by a combination of both. You can then choose the internal or external point and line event layers and intersection layers to populate the Measure and Feature columns of the report.

Learn more about internal and external event types


Your intersection layers should have a field with measure values to be the part of the road log reports.

Learn more about creating an LRS intersection class with a measure field