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What is ArcGIS for INSPIRE

ArcGIS for INSPIRE is the solution for preparation of harmonized spatial data via standardized services pursuant to the guidelines of the INSPIRE specification. It provides mechanisms to efficiently store transformed data and distribute service-based data via the INSPIRE View and INSPIRE Download services.

Harmonized data is stored in the provided data models of the INSPIRE Annex-Themes implemented as an Esri geodatabase. This provides a foundation for the use and publication of data via ArcGIS Server. By implementing the INSPIRE geodatabase as a secondary publishing data store, the processes and applications used to create and maintain the source data are not affected. This means that the primary asset and workflows built around the primary data model don't need to be modified. At the same time, this facilitates the conditions of a high-quality service required by the INSPIRE specification.

The core of ArcGIS for INSPIRE is the ArcGIS for INSPIRE Services component for ArcGIS Server. It's used for publishing Annex-Themes as a geodatabase. The extension expands the functions of ArcGIS Server and integrates INSPIRE View and INSPIRE Download services as additional options into the existing service options. The INSPIRE Download service supports direct user-defined data access and a simple download of existing datasets.

ArcGIS for INSPIRE components


The following is a list of ArcGIS for INSPIRE features:

  • Complete solution to provide and publish spatial data according to the INSPIRE specification
  • Conformance to the conditions of the INSPIRE Implementing Regulations and the Technical Guidance Documents
  • Implementation of the INSPIRE data specifications as an Esri geodatabase for optimized usage and publication within ArcGIS Server
  • Increased efficiency through automated transformations
  • No need to modify the existing primary data store or related workflows
  • INSPIRE Service component for ArcGIS Server enables simple publication of INSPIRE View and INSPIRE Download services
  • INSPIRE Download service supports direct access and predefined dataset services
  • Connection of INSPIRE Service Capabilities with the associated metadata of a catalog server
  • Seamless integration with the base technologies of ArcGIS


The following is a list of ArcGIS for INSPIRE components:

  • ArcGIS Server extension allows you to deploy INSPIRE View and Feature Download services
  • Geoportal Server allows you to deploy INSPIRE Discovery services and manage INSPIRE metadata for discovery
  • Map Viewer allows you to view live data discovered through the geoportal
  • ArcGIS Desktop extension allows you to manage INSPIRE data, and metadata, as well as author INSPIRE network services
  • Geodatabase templates allow you to build INSPIRE-compliant datasets

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