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Functionality Overview

获得 Defense Mapping 许可后可用。

The self-serve Map Production System (MPS) web app is composed of two main tabs, the Map tab and the Export tab. When you first open the web app, a map product must be specified from the Map Types pane.

  • Map Version—The version of the technical reference document (TRD) or topographic data store (TDS)
  • Export Format—The format of the output
  • Export Preset—Starting at ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0, a preset if the export is a .pdf or .tiff file
  • Map Service Layers—The layers to include in the export
  • Ancillary Layers—Any ancillary layers to include in the export

After you have specified the map product, your map appears at the center of the app, and the Export Settings pane becomes active. This pane contains the following details:

The map has the area of interest (AOI) layers you added to your web map in ArcGIS Pro. You can use the predefined map sheet extents in these AOI layers to select a single AOI, or multiple AOIs. The MPS web app has selection tools that are available when the Map tab is active. This includes a custom AOI selection tool that allows users to create a map that is not tied to a predefined map sheet extent. If the area to be mapped falls across multiple map sheet boundaries from the existing AOI layers, then multiple exports would be required. After it is defined, the custom AOI selection tool would require one export.

After the AOIs to map are defined, they are added to the export queue from the Export Queue pane. Once started, progress can be monitored on the Export tab. Clicking on one of the items in the Map Exports Status pane that appears when you activate the Export tab will highlight the associated AOI in the map and bring up its details in the Export Details pane.