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What's new in Esri Roads and Highways for Server

The following sections describe what is new at each release.

What's new at 10.5.1

Event Editor has been enhanced in the following ways.

Subtype support in LRS event attributes

If subtypes are modeled on LRS event feature classes, those subtypes are now honored throughout the various attribute tables within Event Editor. This includes the attributes step of the Add Linear Events, Add Point Events, Split events, and Merge events widgets. This also includes the Event Attribute, Attribute Set, and Data Reviewer tables. When the subtype field is populated, any of the other fields driven by the subtype field will have their coded value or range domains updated to honor the subtype settings.

Save and load web maps

When using Event Editor, you can now save your web map as a new web map and load existing web maps from their Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online accounts without leaving Event Editor. This allows you to have different web maps for different editing workflows, different combinations of layers turned on or off, and different basemaps. These web maps can be shared using Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online, allowing them to be shared across the groups and people in the organization.

Create, edit, and save bookmarks

You can now create, manage, and save bookmarks within the application. As you perform your edits, you may want to bookmark a certain extent or location for future work. A bookmark of any location can now be created and managed within Event Editor. Additionally, you can now save bookmarks you created when you save your web map within Event Editor so you can use them in future editing sessions.

Identify and view related records

If the geodatabase with your Roads and Highways data includes relationship classes, or you create relates between layers in the maps used to publish your LRS map service, those related records can now be viewed within Event Editor. When using the Identify tool in Event Editor, you can now see any records related to those that were identified by the tool. Additionally, when viewing event records in the Event Attribute table, you can view any related records in other LRS event layers, non-LRS layers, or tables that are published in the LRS map service.

What's new at 10.5

Event Editor has been enhanced in the following ways.

Roadway Characteristics Editor replaced by Event Editor

Esri Roads and Highways for Server includes Event Editor, which replaces Roadway Characteristics Editor for web-based event data editing. For more information, see What is Event Editor?

Portal security model support in Event Editor

Event Editor now supports using the Portal security model for securing Event Editor instances. Using Portal security allows the securing of map services with Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online used for Event Editor. This addition gives users the choice to use ArcGIS Server security or Portal security for their Event Editor instances.

Attribute sets sorted alphabetically

When configuring attribute sets in Event Editor, the list of available layers is now alphabetized. This makes it easier to find layers to add to attribute sets.

Moveable identify window

The identify window in Event Editor is now moveable. Once the window opens, users can now move it to the preferred location on their screen.