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System requirements

ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server has the same operating system requirements as the ArcGIS Server software component in ArcGIS Enterprise.

For more information, see Enterprise system requirements.


Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are recommended for the best user experience.


ArcGIS Workflow Manager requires base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment. Only one Workflow Manager server is supported per Enterprise deployment.

You can install ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server on its own machine, separate from the hosting server machine, or on the hosting server machine. For production deployments, it is recommended to install ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server on its own machine. In this scenario, ArcGIS Server must be installed, but does not need to be licensed as a GIS server, before installing ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server.


ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server license will provide access only to ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server capability on the machine.


ArcGIS Workflow Manager communicates on port 13443. You'll need to open this port on your firewall before installing the software.

ArcGIS Workflow Manager needs access to port 7443 on the portal machine to communicate with the enterprise portal with which it's federated. In addition, ArcGIS Workflow Manager needs access to ports 6443 and 9876 on the hosting server machine along with access to port 6443 on any federated ArcGIS Server machine that geoprocessing tools will be run from.


See Enterprise system requirements for a diagram and links to information about the ports needed to communicate with other components in an Enterprise portal.

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