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“评估数据质量”步骤允许使用 ArcGIS 验证服务评估操作评估在作业中使用的数据的质量。 步骤运行时,将评估与在工作流逻辑示意图中配置的数据源关联的规则并识别错误。

When the step is run, the following actions can be performed:

  • The step can be cancelled by clicking Cancel.



To configure the step, do the following:

  1. Create or edit a workflow diagram to access the Step Library panel.
  2. 评估数据质量步骤库面板拖至工作流画布上步骤的连接箭头。

    The Step Details panel appears.

  3. Provide a name for the step in the Step Name text box.
  4. 评估类型部分中,选中要执行的评估类型对应的复选框。
    • 验证规则 - 根据特定要求或约束检查数据集中的要素。
    • 计算规则 - 自动填充要素的属性配置。
    • 拓扑规则 - 将要素几何与源地理数据库中定义的所有拓扑规则进行比较。
  5. 数据源部分中,选择以下选项之一:
    • 全部 - 选择此选项可评估在工作流逻辑示意图中配置的所有数据源。
    • 选择源 - 选择此选项,然后单击添加数据源可选择要评估的数据源。

      要删除数据源,单击删除按钮 Delete

  6. 要评估的数据部分中,选择以下选项之一:
    • 作业位置 - 选择此选项可仅评估已定义作业位置中的数据。
    • 整个数据集 - 选择此选项可评估数据集中的所有数据。
  7. 版本部分中,选择以下选项之一:
    • 作业版本 - 评估数据的作业特定版本。
    • 默认 - 评估数据的默认版本。
  8. (可选)取消选中作为异步作业运行复选框按顺序运行评估。
  9. (可选)选中仅在版本更改时运行复选框仅在对数据的作业特定版本进行更改时运行评估。
  10. Click the Options tab.
  11. Configure Step Options as necessary.
    • Manual—Run the step manually.
      • Optional—Allow the step to be finished without being run.
    • Automatic—Run the step as soon as it becomes active.

      If your workflow diagram is configured to automatically run a sequence of steps that includes the Evaluate Data Quality or the Run GP Service step, steps that attempt to run after the user token that started the sequence of steps expires will not run automatically. You must have a license for the ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server Advanced role to continue running the additional automated steps without manual intervention.

    • Run on a Schedule—Run the step according to a schedule you set.

      Learn more about scheduling options

  12. Optionally, provide help text for the step in the Step Help text box.

    You can also use the following example to display a dynamic value using ArcGIS Arcade expressions:

    'For further assistance, please contact ' + jobCreator($job) + '.'
  13. Optionally, click the Style tab to change the shape and color of the step.
  14. Optionally, click the About tab and provide a description for the step in the Step Description text box.

    The About tab also contains the step's ID that can be used with dynamic job properties to obtain a step's output.

Return value

When the step is completed, its return value is stored to indicate the result of the step. The return value can be immediately evaluated using paths to determine the next steps in the workflow. You can also retrieve the return value for completed steps throughout the workflow using ArcGIS Arcade expressions. The following table lists the step's return values:

Return valuesDescription


The step completed successfully.


The step failed to complete successfully.


When the step is completed, its output value is stored and can be used to determine the path the workflow follows or be used as inputs for other steps throughout the workflow. The following table lists the step's output values:

输出描述ArcGIS Arcade 表达式语法



jobOutputValue($job, '<step_id>', 'moment')



jobOutputValue($job, '<step_id>', 'errorsIdentified')


如果步骤成功完成,返回 true;如果步骤无法成功完成,则返回 false

jobOutputValue($job, '<step_id>', 'success')