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Tasks to perform after you create a data store

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There are additional configuration tasks you can perform after you install ArcGIS Data Store and create a data store.

Define a backup location

ArcGIS Data Store automatically generates backup files. The default location for the backup files is on the same machine as the data store. Manually move these files to a different machine to secure them in the event of a data store failure or set up a shared network location, and configure the data store to write the backup files to that location.

Follow these steps to set up a shared network location for ArcGIS Data Store backups.

Run changebackuplocation

Use the changebackuplocation utility to specify a new location for data store backup files.

The changebackuplocation utility is installed in the <ArcGIS Data Store installation directory>/datastore/tools directory.

  1. Create a directory on a shared network drive.

    The user that installed ArcGIS Data Store must have read and write access to this directory.

  2. Open a command shell.
  3. Run the changebackuplocation utility and specify the new directory.

    For example, type the following to create backup files in a shared directory named ds_backup on a computer named sysshare and opt to keep existing backup files:

    ./ /net/sysshare/ds_backups --is-shared-folder true --keep-old-backups true
    You are going to change the backup location of the data store. Existing backups will be copied to the new location and it could take a few moments.
    Please do not interrupt the process once it has started.
    Do you want to continue (Yes or No)? Yes

Set the portal's federated and hosting server

ArcGIS Data Store is used to store hosted feature layer data and caches for scene layers published to Portal for ArcGIS. If you have not already federated your ArcGIS Server site with your portal and configured it as your portal's hosting server, do so now.

Additional optional configuration tasks

Depending on your organization's requirements, there are two other configuration steps you can perform when setting up your data store.

Add a standby machine

If you want your data store to be highly available, you can add a standby machine. If the primary data store machine you just created becomes unavailable (the server crashes or network connectivity is lost), your hosted feature layers can access the data on the standby machine.

Take control of data store accounts

ArcGIS Data Store passwords are randomly generated when you install ArcGIS Data Store. If your site requires you to set your own passwords, change the passwords using the changepassword utility.

Begin using the data store

Once you have completely configured your data store, portal members can publish feature layers to the portal from ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, or the portal website. The data used by these hosted feature layers is kept in ArcGIS Data Store.

For information on hosted feature layers, how to publish them, and the privileges required to publish, see the following topics in the Portal for ArcGIS help: