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ArcGIS Data Store

ArcGIS Data Store

The ArcGIS Data Store component of ArcGIS Enterprise provides out-of-the-box storage for hosted web layer data.

ArcGIS Data Store explained
Databases and geodatabases


Keep web layer data in your authoritative databases, data warehouses, and enterprise geodatabases.

How to add databases
Folders and file shares


Use files in shared folders as input for analysis, a source for web layers, or to store map and image caches.

How to add folders
Cloud storage

Cloud storage

Add storage space for map and image caches, raster analysis data, or GeoAnalytics files without purchasing and maintaining hardware.

How to add cloud storage locations
Big data file shares

Big data file shares

Store feature data in the cloud or on-premises to analyze with GeoAnalytics tools and store output from these tools.

Learn about big data file shares

Using an older version of ArcGIS? Learn about registering user-managed data stores in ArcGIS Server Manager.

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