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Installing Location Referencing silently

Available with Location Referencing license.

Location Referencing can be installed silently without a user interface (UI) by running the setup using the Windows installer command line parameters.

To install the software silently, you must open a command prompt and enter the following command:

<Path to installer> ADDLOCAL=<feature name> /<Method>

The command can be further explained as following:


Path to installer

The path to setup.exe


Defines which feature is installed:

  • PipeServer
  • RHServer
  • EventEditor
  • RCE
  • RoadwayReporter


/qb provides a basic UI with a progress bar and error handling.

Examples that use the setup command to perform a silent install:

Pipeline Referencing Server

< path_to_installer >\setup.exe ADDLOCAL=PipeServer /qb

ArcGIS Event Editor for Pipeline Referencing

< path_to_installer >\setup.exe ADDLOCAL=EventEditor /qb

Install multiple Pipeline Referencing features

< path_to_installer >\setup.exe ADDLOCAL=PipeServer,EventEditor /qb

Roads and Highways Server

< path_to_installer >\setup.exe ADDLOCAL=RHServer /qb

Roadway Reporter

< path_to_installer >\setup.exe ADDLOCAL=RoadwayReporter /qb

ArcGIS Event Editor for Roads and Highways

< path_to_installer >\setup.exe ADDLOCAL=RCE /qb

Install multiple features of Roads and Highways

< path_to_installer >\setup.exe ADDLOCAL=RHServer,RCE /qb