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Obtain a portal license file

ArcGIS Enterprise portal licenses—including user types, app bundles, user type extensions, and add-on apps—are managed through a single .json file. You can download this file from My Esri. Use the Portal for ArcGIS website to get the most up-to-date instructions for obtaining a portal license file from My Esri.


When you import a new license file, any user type, user type extension, or app licenses in your portal are overwritten by the new license file. For example, if you have apps in your portal that are no longer included in your new license file, these apps are removed when the new license file is imported.

Obtain a portal license file from My Esri

To obtain a portal license file from My Esri, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to My Esri.
  2. Select My Organizations > Licensing > License Esri Products.
  3. For Product, select ArcGIS Enterprise; for Version, select 10.8; and from the License type list, select Portal for ArcGIS.
  4. Under Select User Type and Application Licenses, you will see the user types, applications, and extensions that are available for your organization. Select the number of licenses for each user type, application, and extension you would like to include in your license file. Click Next.

    Your license file must contain at least one user type license that is compatible with the administrator role.


    Some user types include extensions or application bundles that include multiple applications. For example, the Field Apps bundle is part of the Field Worker user type and includes Survey123, Collector, and Workforce. These applications are included in the application bundle for all of your Field Worker user types. The GIS Professional Standard and GIS Professional Advanced user types include the Parcel Fabric and Utility Network user type extensions. When considering extensions, add-on applications, and add-on application bundles, keep this in mind so you don't duplicate application licenses.

  5. If you selected to license ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Pro extensions, select the number of add-on ArcGIS Pro licenses and ArcGIS Pro extensions. Click Next.

    The GIS Professional user type includes ArcGIS Pro.

  6. If you selected ArcGIS Pro, Drone2Map, or the GIS Professional user types, enter the information for your license manager. Click Next.
  7. Enter information about the end user who will use the provisioning file to authorize licenses. Click Next.
  8. Review the provisioning file information. Once you've verified it is correct, choose the delivery method for your license file and click Create File.

    The license file is available to download or send via email on the next page.

You import the .json license file into your portal to license your portal's users and apps. During the initial configuration, you will import the license when creating your portal. If you are updating the license for an existing portal, you can import the license file. Importing a license file will overwrite your existing user type, extension, app, and app bundle licenses with those included in the new license file.