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System requirements

The system and hardware requirements to run ArcGIS GeoEvent Server are listed below.

Operating system requirements

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server has the same operating system requirements as the ArcGIS Server software component in ArcGIS Enterprise.

For more information, see ArcGIS Server system requirements.

Hardware requirements

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server requires a minimum of 8 GB of RAM. It is recommended that production systems have at least 16 GB of DDR4 RAM to optimize event record throughput and processing.

Minimum system requirements for CPU and network bandwidth are not specified since requirements for real-time event processing and analytics will vary. A dual-core system with a CPU comparable to an Intel® Core™ i7 (8 MiB Cache, 4 cores, 2.7 GHz) and 100 Mbps network is a reasonable starting point. Upgrading to a 1000 Mbps network (1 Gbit) may be necessary for high-velocity and high-volume event processing.

GeoEvent Server requires minimal disk space beyond the 10 GB recommended by ArcGIS Server. GeoEvent Server can be installed with as little as 700 MB of available disk space.

An instance of GeoEvent Server, configured with five inputs and five outputs will create ten Kafka topics. Each topic will have, by default, three partitions, which will create thirty on-disk topic queues: (10 topics) x (3 partitions) = 30 topic queues.

Each topic queue, by default, is allowed to grow to 100 MB. The deployment configuration described above, therefore, would require a minimum of 3 GB of disk space: (30 topic queues) x (0.10 GB) = 3.0 GB.

The amount of disk space required for the runtime management of event data will vary depending on the number of input and output connectors configured for a particular solution and the velocity and volume at which event data is received. Topic queues will close and new queues will be created when the configured threshold is reached. The 100 MB in the example above is a maximum size per topic queue. If it is expected that bursts of event data will periodically be received, then additional topic queues may be created and will persist until the message broker has a chance to delete the files.

The disk space required for the topic queues is additional disk space required on top of the product installation.

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Software requirements

ArcGIS Server must be installed and configured on the machine before installing ArcGIS GeoEvent Server.