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Uninstall ArcGIS GeoEvent Server

The steps below guide you through uninstalling ArcGIS GeoEvent Server. It is recommended that you create a backup of your GeoEvent Server site configuration prior to uninstalling. For details, see Backup and restore your GeoEvent Server site configuration.


Before uninstalling ArcGIS Server, close all nonessential applications.

  1. Browse to Start > Control Panel and click Programs and Features.
  2. Select ArcGIS GeoEvent Server from the Programs list.
  3. Click Remove to uninstall GeoEvent Server from the machine.

To uninstall a ArcGIS GeoEvent Server language pack, follow the steps above, but instead of selecting ArcGIS GeoEvent Server, select the installed ArcGIS GeoEvent Server language pack. If multiple ArcGIS GeoEvent Server language packs are installed, each language pack must be uninstalled separately.