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Common clients of ArcGIS Enterprise

ArcGIS Enterprise is designed to expand the use of maps and GIS applications within organizations.

Configurable apps and app builders

Configurable apps and app builders enable you to share your web maps through modern and responsive web apps within or outside of your organization. These apps provide flexibility and are appropriate for nondevelopers, as they do not require coding to use. They include options such as AppStudio for ArcGIS, Web AppBuilder, and Configurable application templates, which are available within ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online and are starting points to build custom web apps without writing a single line of code.

AppStudio for ArcGIS

AppStudio for ArcGIS includes configurable app templates you can use to deploy existing web maps, map tools, and feature services as applications that run on any device.

AppStudio for ArcGIS also includes AppStudio Player—a utility that allows you to easily share apps within your organization.

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Web AppBuilder is an intuitive what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) application that allows you to easily build web apps without writing code. With Web AppBuilder, you can build and customize apps that run on desktop, tablets, and smartphones with ready-to-use widgets such as querying, geoprocessing, and printing. To learn more, see About Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS in the Portal for ArcGIS user help.

ArcGIS apps for the field

With ArcGIS location-based apps, you can focus on collecting data and imagery, navigating routes, and assigning tasks. Enable your field crews with these apps, even when disconnected. Visit Esri's Apps for Everyone website for detailed descriptions and instructions for accessing each of them.

Collector for ArcGIS

Drone2Map for ArcGIS

Drone2Map for ArcGIS lets you visualize and analyze geolocated images you collect with a drone to help you inspect areas from the air and monitor changes. 2D and 3D maps you create with Drone2Map can be shared to ArcGIS Enterprise.

Explorer for ArcGIS

Explorer for ArcGIS allows everyone in your organization to find, analyze, and share maps you create in your portal on their devices. You can visualize data, search for places and features on your maps, sketch on the maps to highlight important features, share maps with other Explorer users, and tell stories with interactive map presentations.

Navigator for ArcGIS

Navigator for ArcGIS is a mobile app that allows you to route field-workers to job sites. Field staff can continue to work even when disconnected from your network.

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

Operation views can be opened in the Windows or browser Operations Dashboard app.

Survey123 for ArcGIS

Survey123 for ArcGIS facilitates form-centric data collection workflows within ArcGIS. For a good portion of data collection efforts, geography is critical but not central to the workflow. Survey123 for ArcGIS recognizes this fact and brings the sophistication of forms expected in the industry into ArcGIS.

Go to to create forms and publish to ArcGIS. You can obtain the Survey123 mobile app from Apple, Google Play, or Windows app stores.

Workforce for ArcGIS

Workforce for ArcGIS uses the power of location to achieve better coordination and teamwork in your field workforce. Get the right worker to the right place with the right tools to do the right job. Dispatchers use the Workforce web app to create and assign work, monitor progress, and see where workers are in real time. Mobile workers use the Workforce mobile app to work through their personal To Do list and communicate status.

ArcGIS applications for the office

The ArcGIS platform offers a number of desktop and browser-based applications that can save your business time and money. Visit Esri's Apps for Everyone website for detailed descriptions and instructions for accessing these applications and more.

ArcGIS Desktop

ArcGIS Desktop is the most sophisticated application in ArcGIS. It includes advanced capabilities to author, edit, and analyze spatial data. You can sign in to your portal from ArcGIS Desktop and use the maps and layers in your portal. Additionally, you can publish GIS services from ArcGIS Desktop to your portal. These GIS services—such as map, geoprocessing, locator, and imagery—provide the foundation for much of the work performed in ArcGIS Enterprise.

ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Desktop also includes ArcGIS Pro, which allows you to create and work with spatial data on your desktop. It provides tools to visualize, analyze, compile, and share your data in both 2D and 3D environments. You can connect from ArcGIS Pro to Portal for ArcGIS, and use the maps and layers in your portal. You can also publish hosted feature and tile layers to your portal. Map files (.mapx), layer files (.lyrx), and layout files (.pagx) you generate from ArcGIS Pro can be added to your portal content, allowing you to share your maps and data with others.

ArcGIS Earth

ArcGIS Earth is a lightweight desktop app that lets members of your organization explore 2D and 3D data, including KML and ArcGIS services. ArcGIS Earth uses the basemap, elevation service, and geocoding settings configured for your portal.

ArcGIS Maps for Office

ArcGIS Maps for Office (formerly Esri Maps for Office) provides mapping capabilities in Microsoft Office through a Microsoft add-in. You can use this add-in with Microsoft Excel to create maps in your portal that show data from your spreadsheets. Additionally, an add-in for PowerPoint allows you to embed these maps into your presentations.

ArcGIS Business Analyst web app

The ArcGIS Business Analyst web app enables commercial Realtors, retailers, economic development agencies, and others to evaluate markets for expansion, consolidation, or investment.

Esri Maps for IBM Cognos

Esri Maps for IBM Cognos allows you to add dynamic maps and data from your portal into IBM Cognos Business Intelligence reports.

ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint

ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint provides mapping capabilities in Microsoft SharePoint through a Map Web Part for SharePoint pages. You can use this to display content from your portal in your SharePoint pages. It also includes workflows that allow you to spatially enable and geoenrich SharePoint lists or external data through Business Connectivity Services (BCS).

GeoPlanner for ArcGIS

GeoPlanner for ArcGIS allows you to collaborate with other members of your portal organization on land-based planning and designs.

Starting with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5, GeoPlanner for ArcGIS is delivered with Portal for ArcGIS.

Insights for ArcGIS

Insights for ArcGIS is an app you access through your portal that allows you to perform iterative and exploratory data analysis on ArcGIS web services, Excel spreadsheets, and data stored in databases.

Roadway Reporter for Esri Roads and Highways

Esri Roadway Reporter for Roads and Highways is an application powered by Esri Roads and Highways for Server, which allows you to create mileage, road segment, and road log reports from a map-centric user experience. Roadway Reporter allows you to configure, save, and share reports, and supports generating reports to either the Adobe PDF format or to CSV files that can be manipulated further in Microsoft Excel.

ArcGIS APIs and SDKs

Create and manage geospatial apps regardless of your developer experience. Build web, mobile, and desktop apps that incorporate mapping, visualization, analysis, and more. See ArcGIS for Developers for details.