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Configure Linux for monitoring

Remote monitoring of Linux with ArcGIS Monitor requires users to have access to cat, awk, ls, and grep commands and unrestricted read access to the /proc folder. Perform the steps in the following sections to configure and test monitoring in Linux.

Configure settings

  1. Set the PasswordAuthentication = yes parameter in the sshd_config file located at /etc/ssh.
  2. Add the following ssh ciphers used for Linux counters to the sshd_config file.
    'aes256-cbc',  // OPTIONAL
    'aes192-cbc',  // OPTIONAL
    'aes128-cbc',  // RECOMMENDED
    'aes256-ctr',  // OPTIONAL
    'aes192-ctr',  // OPTIONAL
    'aes128-ctr',  // RECOMMENDED
    'blowfish-cbc',// OPTIONAL
    '3des-cbc',    // REQUIRED
    'cast128-cbc', // OPTIONAL
    'arcfour'      // OPTIONAL

Test the configuration

The best way to verify your configuration settings is to log in to Linux as the designated user for ArcGIS Monitor data collection and ensure the following script can be executed successfully.

echo '>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CPU Total' >> am.txt
cat /proc/stat |grep cpu >> am.txt
echo '>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CPU count' >> am.txt
cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | awk {'print $3'}>> am.txt
echo '>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Available Memory' >> am.txt
cat /proc/meminfo | grep MemFree >> am.txt
echo '>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Total Memory' >> am.txt
cat /proc/meminfo | grep MemTotal >> am.txt
echo '>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Network' >> am.txt
cat /proc/net/dev | grep -v lo >> am.txt
echo '>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Disk Idle' >> am.txt
cat /proc/diskstats | grep sda | awk {'print $3, $7, $11'} >> am.txt
echo '>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Disk Used' >> am.txt
df | grep -v none >> am.txt
echo '>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Disk Drives' >> am.txt
ls -l /dev/[hs]d[a-z] |awk {'print $10'} >> am.txt