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View Windows Events reports

The ArcGIS Monitor Server application allows you to view Windows Events reports for System counters in your collection.


The WinEvent Add-on, available from the ArcGIS Monitor gallery site, must be installed and configured to view this report.

  1. Follow the steps in Access the ArcGIS Monitor Server application.
  2. Click Reports on the main menu and click Windows Events.

    The Windows Events view appears.

  3. Click the Set Time drop-down arrow and choose a time range.

    The Time Range fields are read-only and display the time range chosen in the Set Time drop-down list.

  4. Click the Collection drop-down arrow and choose a collection.
  5. Click the Reports drop-down arrow and choose a report.
  6. Click the Windows Event drop-down arrow and choose an event type.
  7. Click Execute.

    The report contains the following items:

    • Level—The log level for the report
    • Provider—The source of the log message
    • Machine—The host name of the machine on which the log message occurred
    • Events—The count of log events with the same message
    • Message—The detailed log message for the event