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Specify the configuration store location

When you create an ArcGIS Notebook Server site, you specify a folder to house the configuration store. The configuration store contains all the essential properties of the site, including information about the machine or machines participating in the site. The configuration store is critical to the health of your site and should be created in a redundant storage location if supporting mission-critical applications.


The configuration store is not intended for data storage. Place other site-specific folders (containing data or otherwise) in a separate location.

You can isolate the configuration store by placing it on a dedicated file server. This is helpful in some cloud deployments where the architecture needs to be flexible enough for any notebook server to go offline at any time.

In multiple-machine sites, the configuration store must reside on a shared location accessible from each machine. When you expand your site from one to multiple machines, you must specify a new shared location for the configuration store, as detailed below.


If the ArcGIS Notebook Server account does not exist on the machine where you are putting the configuration store, you need to create an account on the machine using the same user name and password that you used on the primary ArcGIS Notebook Server machine.

Specify a new location for the configuration store

Starting at 10.8, you can use ArcGIS Notebook Server Manager to change the path location of your configuration store. This operation will restart your ArcGIS Notebook Server site.

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS Enterprise portal as an administrator and open ArcGIS Notebook Server Manager.
  2. Open the Settings page and click Configuration Store.
  3. Under Configuration Store Location, replace the current location path with your new location. Ensure that the path string is valid; it can be a full file path or a connection URL. ArcGIS Notebook Server must have read and write access to the directory.
  4. The Move current configuration option specifies whether to copy the current contents of the configuration store to its new location. If you are only updating the folder from a local path to a shared path, select No.
  5. Choose the appropriate directory type.
  6. Click Save to confirm your edits. The site will restart.

After ArcGIS Notebook Server restarts, the name and location of the configuration store are updated, and the new file path location appears in the Configuration Store module. If you chose to Move current configuration, the operation may take some time.