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A quick tour of Event Editor

Available with Location Referencing license.

Event Editor features

Event Editor is a web app for adding, selecting, and editing linear referenced event data. Notable features include route searching, attribute set-based route attribution, quality control of events checks, event data query, creating and saving bookmarks, saving and deleting web maps, and event and redline route editing.


The Event Editor layout includes a ribbon toolbar, widgets, results grid, and floating windows.

Event Editor's components
Event Editor's components

Quick Access toolbar buttons

A Quick Access toolbar appears on the Event Editor title bar in all views. Use these buttons to navigate the map, zoom in and out, save an edit session, undo and redo edits, or to discard an edit session.

Ribbon toolbar

The ribbon toolbar docks at the top of the editor. It has three tabs, and each tab is divided into groups.




Manages web maps, map layers, and basemaps


Navigates the map using pan, zoom controls, and bookmarks


Searches for routes based on network and route ID


Identifies routes and events on the map


Manage Edits

Provides edit management, including save, undo and redo, and discard edits.

Conflict Prevention

Reconciles and posts data against other versions


Selects events on the basis of geometry, attributes, and proximity

Edit Events

Adds and edits point and line events, and defines attribute sets



Performs quality control checks on a specific route to find gaps, overlaps, and invalid measures in the events

Data Reviewer

Executes Data Reviewer checks on events and views results


Adds markup symbols to the map for the Event Editor session


Use the Measure tool to find the distance between points.

Redline Routes

Adds and edits redlines

Event Editor Map tab

Event Editor Edit tab

Event Editor Review Tab


After clicking a menu and selecting a widget, the widget opens. Most of the widgets dock on the left side of the page.

After opening a widget, you can expand or contract it to a different size that persists across all sessions.

To minimize the widget, click the left-facing arrow. To close the widget, click the x on the top right.

Split Events widget
Split Events widget in Event Editor

Results grid

After running many widgets (Select Events, QC), a results grid opens containing event results. By default, the results grid opens at the bottom of the page; however, this is configurable. You can directly edit event records in the results grid. The results grid contains four tools that can help you edit event data: Zoom To (selected events), Select All, Save Changes, and Calculate Field.

Pipelines results grid

Similar to widgets, you can expand and contract the results grid to a different size that persists across all sessions.

To minimize the results grid, click the down-facing arrow (similar to widgets).