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About the System Publisher account

When you first sign in to your portal, you'll notice there's already an account named System Publisher (system_publisher). When your portal is configured with a hosting server, the System Publisher account is used to geocode CSV files in the map viewer on behalf of portal users who do not have privileges to geocode addresses. For example, if an anonymous user drags and drops a CSV file into the map viewer, the geocoding of locations is performed by the System Publisher account on behalf of the user.

If your portal is not configured with a hosting server, the System Publisher account is not used. Instead, any geocoding is performed by the geocoding service you have configured for your portal. If credentials are required to use the geocoding service, users invoking a geocode must enter their credentials in the map viewer.

If you want to disable anonymous users or members that do not have the appropriate privileges from geocoding items in the map viewer, you can delete this account. Once the account is deleted, only members that have the necessary privileges can geocode items in the map viewer. Once the account is deleted, it cannot be recovered. See Manage members for full instructions on deleting the account.

The System Publisher account does not count as one of the named users in your organization. Any other account that you create or add to the portal counts as a named user.