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Add premium helper services

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To configure routing, geocoding, and geometry services in your portal, go to My Organization > Edit Settings > Utility Services. See Configure utility services for details on how to do this.

Portal for ArcGIS supports the use of several ArcGIS Online premium helper services in addition to the utility services available in your organization's settings. These premium services include the ArcGIS Online GeoEnrichment Service and the World Service Area Network Analysis Service. The services can be added to your portal by creating a proxy item to the ArcGIS Online service that is then consumed in client applications. You can also create a proxy item to your own service in this manner.

You must have access to an ArcGIS Online organizational account with credits to configure premium helper services with your portal. Ensure that you have credentials associated with such an account before you attempt to configure your portal using the steps below.

Create a helper service proxy item

  1. Open the ArcGIS Portal Directory sharing location and log in as a member with administrative privileges. The URL is in the format
  2. Browse to Home > Portals > Self and scroll down the page to find Child Resources. Click Users.
  3. On the Organization Users page, click the name of your portal member account with administrative privileges.
  4. On the User page, scroll down to Related Resources. Click User Content.
  5. In Supported Operations for the User Content, click Add Item.
  6. Add the URL to the premium service and the ArcGIS Online organizational account user name and password that will be associated with the proxy item. Fill out the item's Name, Title, Description, and Tags. The Name and Title must be the same as the name of the service. For example, when adding the ArcGIS Online GeoEnrichment Service, you may add the following properties:
    • URL:
    • Name: World
    • Title: World
    • Description: Geoenrichment Service
    • Tags: Geoenrichment
    • Service Username: your user name
    • Service Password: your password
  7. Click Add Item at the bottom of the page and review the item details for accuracy.
  8. Browse to Supported Operations on the Item Details page and click Share Item.
  9. On the Share Item page, select True to share the item with your organization and click Share Item.
  10. Copy the URL of the item to a text editor and add {"url":" to the start of the URL and "} to the end so your URL property appears similar to the following example: {"url":""}.
  11. Click Home and browse to Portals > Self to return to the portal's self.
  12. Browse to Supported Operations at the bottom of the self page and click Update.
  13. In the Update dialog box, browse to the helper service property, which is the Geoenrichment service in this case, and paste the URL you created in step 10.
  14. Click Update Organization and review the helperServices property once the page refreshes.

Your client applications will now be able to consume the premium helper services through the portal. For information on client application compatibility with different Portal for ArcGIS releases, see Common clients of Portal for ArcGIS.