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Change member roles

People can access your portal whether they have an ArcGIS organizational account or not. If they don't have an account, they will only be able search and use public items. If you want to give them additional privileges, you can assign them to a role, which affects what they can do in the portal. Members of an organization can have a User, Publisher, Administrator or custom roles, each with different privileges:

  • Users—See a customized view of the site, use the organization's maps, apps, layers, and tools, and join groups owned by the organization. Users can also create maps and apps, add items, share content, and create groups.
  • Publishers—User privileges, plus the ability to publish features and map tiles as hosted web layers. They can also perform analysis on layers in maps.
  • Administrators—User and Publisher privileges plus privileges to manage the organization and other users. An organization must have at least one Administrator. However, there are no limits on how many roles can be assigned within an organization. For example, if an organization has five members, all five members can be Administrators.
  • Custom—A specific set of privileges defined by the Administrator. For example, you might have access to maps and apps but cannot create groups. Or you might have privileges to publish features but not tiles.

Members are assigned roles when they are added to the organization. Once the member is added, the role can be changed by Administrators and those with privileges to change member roles. Only Administrators can change the role to or from Administrator.

  1. Verify that you are signed in to your organization and that you have privileges to change member roles.
  2. Click My Organization at the top of the site.
  3. Click the Role drop-down arrow in the row of the member whose role you want to change and choose the new role.

    Only Administrators can change the role to or from Administrator.