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Configure groups

As an Administrator of your organization, you can choose which groups to feature on the Groups and My Organization pages of the site.

  1. Sign in to the portal website as an Administrator of your organization.
  2. Click My Organization at the top of the site and click Edit Settings.
  3. Click Groups on the left side of the page.
  4. Configure either or both of the following groups settings:
    • For Featured Groups, select a group from the list of all the groups owned by members of your organization. You can also search for a specific group by entering its name in the search box, clicking Search, then clicking the group name to add it to the list of featured groups.
    • For Gallery Applications, choose the group that contains the templates you want available for sharing groups as gallery applications.

      To change how the items are sorted in the gallery, select a field in the drop-down list next to Sorted by. To change how the items are ordered, check or uncheck the box next to Ascending. If you change the sort field or order here, the items on the group page, as well as on embedded galleries or gallery apps, are also changed.


      Each template should include a downloadable ZIP file containing the source code of the application template and a preview version that can be displayed in a web browser. Add your preview version as a Web Mapping Application item and attach your source code to the item.

  5. Click Save to save the changes you've made.