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Troubleshoot ArcGIS Data Store

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Listed here are issues you may encounter when setting up or using ArcGIS Data Store. The links take you to possible solutions to each issue.


Data store creation and registration


I receive the message Error: AGSDATASTORE variable is not set when I run the configuredatastore script.

The ArcGIS Data Store setup executable sets the AGSDATASTORE variable to the directory where it installs ArcGIS Data Store. If you run the configuredatastore script from the same command prompt that you ran the setup executable, that command prompt session was opened before the variable was set and, therefore, returns a message that AGSDATASTORE is not set. Open a new command prompt and run the configuredatastore script.

I receive the message Could not connect to server on machine. ArcGIS Data Store or ArcGIS Server on that machine may not be running or the machine is not reachable at this time. when configuring the data store.

ArcGIS Data Store cannot connect to ArcGIS Server using the URL provided. Check the following and try again:

  • Make sure the URL is correct. The URL must be in the format
  • Confirm the ArcGIS Server is running.

I receive the message Could not configure data store machine. Please upgrade ArcGIS Server first when configuring the data store.

ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS Data Store must be at the same release. Either upgrade your ArcGIS Server site to the same release as ArcGIS Data Store you installed, or install and configure an earlier version of ArcGIS Data Store.

I receive the message There is already a standby configured in the data store('<primary data store machine name>'). A data store cannot have more than one standby machine when configuring the data store.

Only two machines are allowed to participate in the data store: one primary and one standby machine. If you want to add a new standby machine, you must first remove the existing standby machine.

I receive the message Authorization failed. This user account does not have the required privileges to access this application/operation when configuring the data store.

Confirm that you typed the user name and password of an ArcGIS Server administrator correctly. You must use a built-in account, not an enterprise account, and the account must be in an administrator role in ArcGIS Server.

I receive the message Unable to create directory when configuring the data store.

Possible reasons you would see this message include the following:

  • The specified directory is already in use.

    If you specify an existing directory, the directory cannot contain any files.

  • You don't have privileges to create a directory in the specified location. Confirm that you have sufficient privileges.
  • You specified a directory on a remote machine. The ArcGIS Data Store cannot be stored on a machine that is remote from the ArcGIS Data Store installation.

I receive the message Server already has a managed data store. when configuring the data store.

ArcGIS Server can only have one managed database for its data store. If you decide you want to use ArcGIS Data Store with an ArcGIS Server site that already has a managed database, remove the existing managed database and re-add it as a registered database. Existing feature services that use the data in the managed database will still work.

I receive the error message: Could not connect to server on machine '<fully qualified machine name>'. ArcGIS Data Store or ArcGIS Server on that machine may not be running or the machine is not reachable at this time..

You could receive this message under a variety of circumstances but, in all cases, an attempt to connect to either the ArcGIS Data Store or its registered ArcGIS Server site failed. Be sure both are available for connections. Also be sure the client from which you are trying to connect has network connectivity.

The data store was accidentally removed from the Registered Databases list in Server Manager.

Removing the data store as the ArcGIS Server site's managed registered database does not unregister the data store from the site, but it does leave your hosting server without a managed database. To add the data store back as the managed database for the ArcGIS Server site, first run the unregisterdatastore command utility to unregister the data store. Next, run the configuredatastore command utility to reregister the data store with the ArcGIS Server site, adding it back as the site's managed database.

When running the deletebackup utility, I receive the error message: Attempt to delete backup 'backup_oneFS' is not allowed. You can only delete a manual backup that is not required for a future restore.

This message is returned when you attempt to delete a backup file that is required to properly restore the data store. If the backup file was created during the backup retention period you have set for your data store, you cannot delete that backup.

The directory that contains my data store backups is consuming a lot of storage space.

The size of each data store backup varies depending the amount and size of your data, how frequently ArcGIS Data Store creates backups, and how long you retain backup files. If you use the default backup frequency and retention schedule, a backup directory will contain five full backups and 31 days of incremental backup files. If you find the backup directory uses a large amount of storage, either increase the disk space on the machine or alter ArcGIS Data Store's backup frequency and retention schedules.