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What's new in ArcGIS Data Store

You can publish 3D data as hosted scene and feature layers from ArcGIS Pro 1.1 to your portal. Your portal's hosting server must use ArcGIS 10.3.1 Data Store to store 3D hosted scene layer cache information.

Two new utilities—exportmanageddb and importmanageddb—are available that can be used to move ArcGIS Data Store's managed database to another machine that has a different operating system or different version of ArcGIS Data Store installed.

If your ArcGIS for Server expires—for example, if you have an EDN or education site license—use the updatelicense utility to update the license in your data store after you update your ArcGIS for Server license.

The describedatastore utility now lists current connections to the data store.

The listbackups utility now returns the location where full backups are created.