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The Attribute tab allows you to perform basic customization at the app level, such as configuring your app's banner.

The following items can be added to the banner:

  • Logo—Click the logo icon to open the file browser and select an image file. If you don't want to have a logo in the app, click the X icon on the logo to remove it.
  • Title—Click the A to customize the font style for the title of the app.
  • Subtitle—Click the A to customize the font style for the subtitle of the app.
  • Links—Click Add New Link to add a hyperlink to the banner and provide a name and valid URL. To edit a link, click the pencil icon. To remove a link, click the X icon.

A maximum of four links can be added.


With Internet Explorer 8, the size of the uploaded image cannot be over 21 KB.

When the application starts, if necessary, expand your browser to see all of the above items, especially when the text size is large.

Attribute tab

Check the App state check box to keep the map extent and layer visibility while leaving the app. It is turned on by default. This option is not available when you build 3D apps.